We place right products in retail outlets all over the country.

Retailers Achieve 50% Return on Investment

We offer weekly quantities of high demand products delivered to shop with 99.99% fill rate.

Retailers Achieve 50% Return on Investment

High Demand Products

We curate high demand products of good quality for your specific location using machine learning algorithms.

Exact Weekly Quantities

We recommend and deliver exact quantities needed for the week no matter you need them in eaches or inners.

99% Fill Rate Assured

Our neighborhood fulfillment centers show you live inventory and deliver your order promptly on a committed date.

Convenient Sourcing

Register and explore products in our mobile app, place orders and track delivery to your shop. Pay on delivery.

Retailers can download Ebutor App to register and place orders.

If we are not servicing your area currently please leave your details to call you.

Brands Extend Reach

We complement your current distribution network and add more consumers across the country.

Brands Extend Reach

Complementing Coverage

We extend your direct distribution coverage to outlets and regions that your current distributors are not serving.

Nation-wide Spread

We place your products in all classes of outlets across the country as you choose, making you a national brand instantly.

Data-driven Marketing Mix

We work with you to continuously curate products, be it pack sizes or variants or price points, using data analytics.

Transparent Operations

We offer you complete transparency into distribution operations and share transactions and sales trends of your products.

National Brands

Call us for a workshop to discover how we can extend your current direct distribution coverage to serve the unserved outlets and regions.

Regional Brands

Meet us to discover new markets for your products beyond the current regions you are serving and transform into a national brand.

Foreign Brands

Let us have a conversation about our “test and establish” programme to enable you launch your brands in high growth market such as India.

Our Partner Network

Earn Higher Returns with Lower Risk

We deliver the highest ROI in distribution business with faster inventory turns,
cutting-edge technology platform and superior SOPs.

Faster Inventory Turns

We only carry high demand products that are sold on a weekly basis resulting in multiple inventory turns within a month.

Unlimited Growth

We work with you to continuously curate products, be it pack sizes or variants or price points, using our data and machine-learning algorithms.

Efficient Operations

We train and equip you with technology platform and standard operating procedures to enable you perform better at lowest cost.

Smooth Cash Flows

We offer weekly quantities of high demand products to retailers to facilitate faster sales and smoother cash flows for all.

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Our Experience Background

Ebutor is born out of years of experience in serving global brands with our proprietary software solutions such as eSeal – digital supply chain platform, Meltag – trade marketing platform and ServiceNext – AI/Chatbots Platform for Customer Service. We have been serving over 300 global businesses since past 15 years with 1200 tech experts operating from across the globe and transforming businesses with Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Product Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Marketing solutions.

Our Team

Co-founder & CMD
Head Finance
Head Business Development
Head Technology
Head Trade Marketing

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Please write to us at info@ebutor.com for any other queries.
Call Us: 040 6600 6442

Ebutor deals with food items and is registered under FSSAI